Tips To Prepare Your Home’s Exterior For A New Coat Of Paint

29 Aug

If your home’s exterior is made of wood, it will need to be periodically repainted with a new coat of paint to protect and keep it well-maintained. Before you can apply a new coat of paint, preparation of your home’s exterior is necessary to ensure that your new paint adheres to your home. Here are […]

Create Something New In Your Home With The Serene Shades Of Sherbet

24 Aug

Sherbet colors are soft and luscious, ranging from creamy yellows to bright lime or soft raspberry. Some pastel shades fit into the sherbet category, but sherbets tend to be a bit more vibrant and saturated, in a delicious design way! Before you discount these hues as being best-suited to a little girl’s bedroom, consider some […]

Four Tips For Maintaining Your Home’s Stucco Exterior

24 Aug

Stucco can be a great choice for homeowners who are looking for an exterior that is aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance, and durable. Depending on how well you maintain it, your home’s stucco exterior can last over 50 years. It can even be applied over other types of exterior if you are looking to change up […]

How To Clean Your Vinyl Fence So It Looks Good As New

23 Aug

White vinyl fences are pretty when first installed, but it doesn’t take long for them to get dirty and stained. Some stains you’re likely to encounter are scuff marks from your mower, grass stains from mowing the yard, and rust stains from your lawn sprinkler. If you have a lot of fencing that’s covered in […]

FAQ About Hiring A Commercial Painter

22 Aug

Does the paint on the walls in your building look old and detract from the professionalism of your business? It might be time for the walls to be painted, and hiring professionals should be considered for the task so you can take advantage of the included benefits. This article will answer a few of the […]

The Best Masking Supplies For Exterior Painting

19 Aug

Painting your exterior walls is a little more time consuming and tiresome than painting interior walls. Many people have experience painting interior surfaces, like drywall. But, they find that painting exterior surfaces, like stucco, is much more demanding. This is why it is more practical to paint your exterior with a spray gun. However, if […]