The Best Masking Supplies For Exterior Painting

I really enjoyed updating our home, so I'm writing this blog to give other homeowners helpful information about painting and wallpapering their homes.

The Best Masking Supplies For Exterior Painting

The Best Masking Supplies For Exterior Painting

19 August 2016
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Painting your exterior walls is a little more time consuming and tiresome than painting interior walls. Many people have experience painting interior surfaces, like drywall. But, they find that painting exterior surfaces, like stucco, is much more demanding. This is why it is more practical to paint your exterior with a spray gun. However, if you use a spray gun, you will need to do a greater amount of masking off. If you use the right products, you can make your paint job cleaner and quicker. This article explains the best products for masking off exterior surfaces before painting with a spray gun.

Using Painter's Plastic

While you might be able to mask off your interiors with old newspapers and tape, this will not suffice on your exterior. You should invest in large rolls of painter's plastic. This can be found at most home improvement stores. It is very thin and lightweight, so it is easy to spread out and cover large areas with the plastic. Use designated painter's plastic tape down the edges. The plastic is ideal for covering window and door fixtures. Stretch it tight across the entire frame. Tape down the edges directly onto the hardwood, because the tape will stick here the best. Then, use more tape to create a paintable line along the edge of the frames. The plastic is also great to drape over the shrubbery and plants near the walls you are painting. It can also cover your AC unit, trash cans, fences, soffit boards, gutters and anything else that might be affected by the overspray.

Using Rosin Paper

Rosin paper is used in many types of construction, from roofing to painting. Either way, you should be able to find it somewhere in your home improvement store. This also comes in large rolls. It is far better and safer for covering up the ground. It is much less slippery than painter's plastic, so it is safer to walk on. You should also tape the paper securely to the ground so it does not shift under feet as you move around on it.

In reality, you will probably spend more time masking off your exterior than you will actually spend spraying it. This is the whole point of using a spray gun. It goes very quickly. So, don't skimp and cut corners when it comes to masking off your exterior before painting it. You paint job will show this extra effort and attention. For more information, contact a business such as Klenosky Paint.

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