Four Tips For Maintaining Your Home's Stucco Exterior

I really enjoyed updating our home, so I'm writing this blog to give other homeowners helpful information about painting and wallpapering their homes.

Four Tips For Maintaining Your Home's Stucco Exterior

Four Tips For Maintaining Your Home's Stucco Exterior

24 August 2016
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Stucco can be a great choice for homeowners who are looking for an exterior that is aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance, and durable. Depending on how well you maintain it, your home's stucco exterior can last over 50 years. It can even be applied over other types of exterior if you are looking to change up the appearance of your home. If you do decide to go with stucco, you need to know how to maintain it properly if you want it to look good at all times.

Identify the Type of Stucco

There are two main types of stucco. You have traditional stucco and more modern stucco, which are made out of different materials. The older style of stucco is composed of water, lime, sand, and cement. The newer style stucco is comprised of Portland cement and is more of a synthetic material. Knowing which type of stucco you have on your exterior will help you determine how to clean it and maintain it better so that it lasts and looks great. 

Painting Stucco

When painting stucco, you have to be mindful about what type of paint will work on the exterior. Not all paints will adhere to the surface. When painting stucco, you want to avoid using a high gloss paint. Instead, you want to stick with a flat or low sheen when choosing a paint type. Additionally, you can also go with an acrylic masonry paint for stucco exteriors. When painting the stucco, you want to make sure the temperature outside is between 50 to 90 degrees for the best results. Because of the texture, you will need to work the paint brush into the texture to ensure everything is covered. 

Cleaning Stucco

Dirt and debris can accumulate on the exterior,making the finish look dull. To keep it looking fresh, you want to spray off the exterior routinely so that it does not stain. To remove any stains on the surface, you want to use a hose with a spray nozzle, a brush, and a mild detergent. When spraying the exterior, you want to make sure you do not use too much pressure as this could damage the stucco. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you stay under 600 pounds per square inch

Covering Cracks

When the stucco expands and contracts, you may notice small cracks in the exterior. These can be touched up easily using an elastomeric paint. If the crack gets too big, you want to have a professional come and seal it to avoid water getting in. This will prevent leaks in the home. 

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