How To Paint Your Exterior

I really enjoyed updating our home, so I'm writing this blog to give other homeowners helpful information about painting and wallpapering their homes.

How To Paint Your Exterior

How To Paint Your Exterior

24 October 2017
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Coming up with home remodels that you can afford can be difficult. That is, you might have a lot of things that you want to do to your home, but they just don't fit into your budget. If you are looking for a cheap home remodel that will have a significant impact on the style and value of your property, look no further than an exterior paint job. Painting the outside of your home is probably one of the cheapest ways to redefine the style without breaking the bank.

However, exterior painting is far more difficult than interior painting. This article explains most important things you need to know when it comes to painting exteriors like a pro.

Using the Right Products

Using the right type of paint is one of the most important things when I comes to exterior painting. This includes using primer. You want to find paint and primer that are both graded for exterior use. Avoid using paint/primer combination products. These never work as well. Priming your walls is extremely important because it seals them and creates a finish that will be uniform so the paint goes on evenly.

When it comes to paint, you get what you pay pay for. So if you buy the cheapest exterior paint, the finish won't last as long and the colors will likely fade.

Getting Full Coverage

When it comes to painting the outside of your home, you are dealing with harsher textures. And since you are also using thicker paints, it can be significantly harder to get complete coverage on your walls. Because of this, using traditional paintbrushes and rollers is usually not the best way to go. Whether you rent a pneumatic gun or use a new airless system, you can get more complete coverage by spraying your walls.

If you do spray, you also need to worry about the mess that it will create. Because of this, painting the outside of your home will require a fair amount of preparation work. You also need to realize that painting outside of your house is going to be more demanding physically. If you have a two-story home, you will need to do a lot of the work from the top of a ladder or scaffolding system. Just climbing up and down while holding the supplies is going to be very tiring. You need to make sure you have enough helpers for the job if you plan on doing it yourself.

If you feel you cannot do this on your own, contact a professional painting company, such as paintersplus.

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