Trendy Interior Paint And Wallpaper Options To Know About

I really enjoyed updating our home, so I'm writing this blog to give other homeowners helpful information about painting and wallpapering their homes.

Trendy Interior Paint And Wallpaper Options To Know About

Trendy Interior Paint And Wallpaper Options To Know About

24 October 2018
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When you are looking to freshen up your home's interiors, one of the best ways to do so is by repainting your walls. However, if you haven't painted in quite a while, you may be wondering what painting and wallpapering trends are popular today. After all, if you are going to make a major interior design change in your home, you might as well be on trend. Get to know some of the trendiest interior paint and wallpaper options that you can consider for your interior repainting process.

Matte Black

One of the interior painting color trends that you may want to try in your home soon is the use of matte black. While you may not think that black would be a good paint color for interior walls, a single black accent wall can really add allure and drama to your home décor.

Matte black is perfect as the accent wall behind the bed in the master bedroom, for example. You can offset the depth of color on that wall with gold or silver picture frames, sconces, or artwork to further add texture and drama. If you want your black wall to have texture without added elements, consider a matte black wallpaper option instead of paint.

Choosing matte black as opposed to a black with a sheen to it can help to soften the look of your accent wall and will help to cover any imperfections you may have in the surface of the wall. Additionally, black never really goes out of fashion, making it an ideal choice if you want a trendy wall color that can also stay fashionable for a long time.

Warm and Earthy Tones

Warm tones are quite trendy right now when it comes to interior design and painting. These tones can include browns, grays, and even other colors like deep green and mustard. When you are looking at paint colors, think about a warm desert, a sunset in the mountains, or even a summer day in the woods. This will help you to choose warmer and earthier tones for your interior walls.

You can paint entire rooms in these warm, earthy colors if you wish. However, it is also trendy to pair accent walls in these hues with more neutral-colored walls. A small room like a bathroom or kitchen could also be painted in warm hues, leaving other larger rooms neutral.

Natural Themed Wallpaper

If you want to decorate with wallpaper in addition to paint, one of the trendiest options available to you is to choose wallpaper with a natural or organic look to it. This can include wallpaper with leaves, trees, or even birds on it.

Wallpaper can be a great option for a dining room or a home office to give the room some depth and texture. Just be sure not to choose a pattern that is too busy if you are going to cover all the walls in the room. This can actually make the appearance of the space overwhelming and unpleasant.

Now that you know some of the trendy interior paint and wallpaper options available to you, you can get started on your home redecorating project. If you need help, don't hesitate to reach out to a professional paint company

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