3 Tips For Painting Your Master Bath

I really enjoyed updating our home, so I'm writing this blog to give other homeowners helpful information about painting and wallpapering their homes.

3 Tips For Painting Your Master Bath

3 Tips For Painting Your Master Bath

18 October 2019
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In most households, the master bathroom is an important room. Not only is it used for bathing and dressing, but the master bath can also be a retreat away from the stresses of the day. Because of its importance, ensuring your master bathroom space is functional and appealing is essential. Thankfully, a fresh coat of paint can help. With this guide, you will learn a few important factors to consider when painting your master bath.


Without a smooth, even surface, the new coat of paint will not adhere in the most appealing and effective manner. Therefore, you should invest a good amount of time prepping the surfaces for the new paint.

Remove wall décor and use painter's tape to cover hardware and racks that are mounted on the wall. Fill in holes in your drywall as well, especially if they are larger in size.

Use a handheld sander or sheet of sandpaper to sand down any rough areas of old paint or drywall. Then, wipe down the walls with a clean cloth to remove excess paint, dirt, and dust. Make sure the walls are dry as well before attempting any prep or painting work.


Choosing a color for your master bathroom can be a fun process for some. For others, choosing a color can be overwhelming.

Neutral colors are always good options to consider since they work with most décor styles. These neutrals include white, cream, and beige in most cases. They are also popular choices for builders because they are so neutral.

If you want a bit of color without overwhelming the bathroom, consider one of the more modern neutral colors. Sage green, grey, lavender, light blue, and even greige, which is a combination of beige and grey, are also great options. These colors do add a bit of personality without making a drastic change to the look of your bathroom.


Once you choose your color, you will also need to choose your paint finish. It may be surprising for many to learn that not all finishes are suited for your bathroom because of the high moisture content in this space.

Avoid flat paint to get started since this paint finish will show watermarks and moisture. Flat paint is also difficult to clean, so you will not be able to just wipe off a wet spot on the wall.

Your best finish for the bathroom is a semi-gloss, gloss, or satin finish. These finishes will have a bit of shine compared to flat or eggshell paint finishes, but they will not be affected by the higher moisture levels and humidity in the bathroom.

If you need help painting your bathroom, contact a painting company in your area.

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